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Quick Surface Check 1K 10.8oz - SprayMax

Quick Surface Check 1K 10.8oz - SprayMax

Surface Rapid Check is used to achieve a short-term gloss on sample plates sprayed to verify color. In addition, surface irregularities on sanded or pre-sanded vehicle surfaces can be recognized.

Evaporates completely after use without leaving any residue (approximately 60 minutes)

Spray the sample plate to check color: Apply surface control spray to the sample plate which is coated with a base coat to simulate a short lasting shine (and/or simulate varnish).
We also recommend applying the product to a vehicle part for inspection purposes.
Sanding / surface control: Apply Surface Control Spray to the sanded surface or pre-sanded area.
Areas of unevenness can be easily detected thanks to the short-lasting shine.
- Reduce evaporation time by blowing compressed air over the entire surface

Color: Clear

Size: 10.8oz

SDS & TDS: Click here
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