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Polyur 104 polyaspartic polyurethane

Polyur 104 polyaspartic polyurethane

The Polyur 104 series is a glossy two-component aliphatic polyurethane polyaspartic, with high power
filler that can be used directly on metal. It provides excellent luster and color retention as well
as excellent corrosive protection.

Special features of the product Typical Uses

• Applying one coat directly to the metal
• Excellent gloss and color retention
• Hard and resistant film
• Excellent chemical and corrosive resistance
• Excellent abrasive resistance
• Can be applied with a high filling tool
_ up to 312 microns (12.5 mils) wet
• Contains anti-corrosive pigments without heavy metals
• Ideal for use with equipment
_ multi-component spray
• For optimal protection against corrosion, can
_ applied over a zinc-rich primer

• Steel structure
• Trailers
• Mobile and agricultural equipment
• Storage tank and reservoirs

Technical sheet: Download here!

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