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Polyflex PW Polyurea membrane

Polyflex PW Polyurea membrane

Polyur PW is a high performance Polyurea membrane approved NSF 61  for steel and concrete. Polyflex PW provides excellent waterproofing for potable water and can be used under a wide variety of climatic conditions while maintaining excellent durability.

Special features Typical uses

 Specially designed for piping and tanks
_ containing fresh or salty drinking water
• Superior anticorrosive protection for steel
• Produces a uniform, seamless surface
• Application on geotextile to form ponds,
_ contain spills, prevent leakage of
_ effluents, loss of water and petroleum products.
• Protective membrane for metal, masonry,

_ wood tanks, silos, conduits of all kinds
_ and concrete slabs
• Can be used to repair or replace a
_ existing membrane
• Approved by NSF for standard 61
 Return to service after 24 hours
• He ... not contains no VOC and low in odor

 Drinking water tank
 food industries
 Corrosion protection for steel
 Wastewater treatment plants
 Paper makers
 Chemical Process Plant
 Concrete waterproofing

Technical sheet: Download here!

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