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Polyflex 402 Polyurea membrane

Polyflex 402 Polyurea membrane

Polyur 402 is a high performance Polyurea membrane. Due to its slow gel time, it provides better leveling especially for floor applications. It provides excellent abrasion resistance and waterproofing protection.

Special features Typical uses

 Excellent waterproofing
• Optimal leveling

• Particularly developed for industrial floors
• Protective membrane on metal, masonry, tanks
_ of wood, silos, conduits of all kinds and slabs

• Can be applied with a spray machine
_ low pressure

• Good hardness
• Excellent for garages and parking lots
• Floors with chemical resistance
• Excellent for industrial floors
• Can be used for truck boxes
• Can be used to repair or replace a

_ existing membrane

Technical sheet: Download here!

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