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Polyflex 401 aromatic polyurea membrane

Polyflex 401 aromatic polyurea membrane

Polyflex 401 is a high performance aromatic Polyurea membrane. Polyflex 401 provides excellent resistance to abrasion and impact and can be used under a wide variety of climatic conditions while maintaining excellent durability. The membrane provides excellent protection especially when service conditions require flexibility and protection in cold temperatures (below zero Celsius).

Special features Typical uses

 Excellent impact resistance
• Provides excellent sealing protection on
_ rigid urethane insulation
• Application on geotextile to form ponds,
_ contain spills, prevent leakage of
_ effluent, loss of water and petroleum products
• Excellent flexibility under high temperatures
_ extremely cold

• Protective membrane on metal, masonry, tanks
_ of wood, silos, conduits of all kinds and slabs
• Excellent abrasion resistance
• Can be used to repair or replace a
_ existing membrane
• Rubberized membrane with excellent elongation
 Excellent for garages and parking lots
 Primary and secondary containment for floors
 Protective membrane on impact
• Roof application

 Paper makers
 Can be used for truck boxes
• Material handling equipment

 Can be used to repair or replace a
_ existing membrane


Technical Sheet: Download here!

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