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Polyflex 202 Polyurea membrane

Polyflex 202 Polyurea membrane

Polyflex 202 is a high performance Polyurea membrane with great chemical resistance. Polyflex 202 has high hardness combined with good flexibility which provides long-term durability. The membrane is specially designed for constant immersion in petroleum products.

Special features Typical uses

 Especially suitable for waterproofing
_ surfaces and tanks containing products
_ chemical or petroleum
 Chemically Resistant Primary Containment
• Excellent waterproofing of steel or
_ other surfaces
• Chemically resistant secondary containment
• Application on geotextile to form ponds,
_ contain spills, prevent leakage of l

_ effluents, loss of water and petroleum products
• Good anti-corrosive protection for steel
• Can be used to replace or repair a
_ existing membrane
• Provides better flexibility than a coating
_ epoxy

 Containment and basin for petrochemical cargo
 Chemical processing facilities
 Food and product processing equipment
_ food

 Chemical Resistant Floors
 Wastewater treatment plants
 Steel and concrete tanks
 Metal and concrete structures

Technical sheet: Download here!

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