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Satin black brake caliper paint

Satin black brake caliper paint

Size: 312g

VHT SP739 Satin Black Caliper Paint has been specially designed for customizing brakes, drums, calipers and rotors. It is heat resistant up to 1000°F and will not chip, crack, fade, or rust even under extreme operating or road and weather conditions. VHT caliper paint is easy to apply, dries quickly and is remarkably durable. Careful preparation is essential to ensure good adhesion and curing. VHT Caliper Paint is part of a multi-high performance coating system. The coating system consists of primer, paint and clear varnish. VHT paint dries to the touch in 30 minutes and completely dry overnight. VHT caliper paint only achieves its unique qualities after it has properly cured. Curing occurs with normal operating braking temperatures, or parts may be heated to 200°F. Full application and curing instructions are also printed on each box

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