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IK HC 1.5 Hand sprayer - 1.5L

IK HC 1.5 Hand sprayer - 1.5L

The IK HC 1.5 professional sprayer has been designed and manufactured with materials of maximum resistance for use with vegetable and animal oils, hydrocarbon solvents, lubricants and petroleum products. It is ideal for use in the automotive industry for tasks such as cleaning brakes, removing tar spots and removing silicones during pre-painting bodywork tasks. IK HC 1.5 is optimal for industrial protection, degreasing and lubrication applications, as well as for wood processing. Sectors in which to use IK HC 1.5 * BuildingIndustry and maintenanceAutomotive and landscaping Pest control Products in which to use IK HC 1.5 * Solvent-based pesticides, Oils, solvents and petroleum by-products.
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