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Polyflex 204 Polyurea membrane

Polyflex 204 Polyurea membrane

Polyflex 204 is a high performance manual repair or complete Polyurea membrane application kit. Due to its aliphatic nature this product is suitable for interior and exterior applications. This product is generally applied by brush, squeegee or spatula.

Special features Typical uses

 Can be used to replace or repair a
_ existing membrane
• Very high solids content
• Easy to pour, applicable with a self-smoothing brush

• Good waterproofing
• Very good resistance to abrasion and impact
• Can be used for crack repairs
• Minimum tension in the coating
• Compatible with Polyureas and polyurethanes
• Excellent flexibility
• Good weather protection
 Excellent for garage floors and
_ parking
 Full use for surfaces
 Waterproofing for concrete substrates
• Can be used as a repair kit on
_ Polyurea membranes
• Repairs and fillings of cracks

Technical sheet: Download here!

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